Proudly Serving Idaho With Over 25 Years Painting Experience

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When you're ready to paint your home or office, who would you prefer to hire? Someone who's just doing a job, or someone who treats your project like a work of art?


For option "B" Hahns Painting is the one to choose! We have a 25 year track record of doing right by our customers.

Hahns Painting is your go-to source for exterior or interior painting, for new and existing homes and businesses. Think of us too when your deck or siding needs power washing.

Inside, outside and beyond


An unstained reputation

Is the finish flaking on your cabinets? Decks and doors looking drab?  Hahns Painting can have them looking good-as-new in a matter of hours!

Square Square Square

Painting isn't just a job to us,

it's our passion